Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to make a webshow........ And a blog!

You are wondering how to make a webshow and a it is quite easy.If you want to make a blog and a webshow just follow these easy steps:
When you make a blog you have assume that you are going to have time to update it, because you can never cancel a blog.
1.Go onto Blogger, and make an account.Then it will ask you to make a blog.It will tell you how to makeit, so follow those instructions.
2.After you will need to name your blog.You can name your blog something funny, something serious, something random you can name it anything.
3.Then you can make your first post.
When you make a webshow you need to be prepared to do regularly.
1.Find one {or more} friend{s}.
2.Find a place to use as a studio or filming set.Make sure it is easy to get to and move around in.
3.Make sure you have someone to film you.If you don't, put the camera on a mid-sized shelf.It has to be able to see you and your friend while filming.
4.Find something to do your webshow about.For example, cats, dogs, chocolate, racecars.Or it can be something different everytime.
5.Next you need to name your webshow.It needs to be something you both can agree on.
6.FILM IT!!!!!!!!
7.POST IT!!!!!!!

Now you know how to make a blog and a webshow.The most important rule of all, have fun making it.

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