Monday, January 16, 2012

Julies Cuban!!!!

Hey guys!!!!!

I am here to talk to you about a really good place in Toronto called Julies Snack Bar. It is a Cuban restaurant. If you live in Toronto or visiting Toronto and want to know a good place to eat I would reccomend that place. If you asked me what I reccomend for food there I would say the meat potato ball, the meat empanadidas and for the main course the grilled chicken with rice.

EAT THERE!!!!!!!

See ya!!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Everyday wear

Are you having trouble choosing your outfit for school?

Read me now.
T-shirt and jeans.That's all you need.
Accessories you could use are just a nice necklace and just ordinary sneakers are good.
Now for your hair, just a side ponytail is nice.

Now that is a good outfit for school. I wear that everyday!

See ya, guys!!!!!!

How to make a webshow........ And a blog!

You are wondering how to make a webshow and a it is quite easy.If you want to make a blog and a webshow just follow these easy steps:
When you make a blog you have assume that you are going to have time to update it, because you can never cancel a blog.
1.Go onto Blogger, and make an account.Then it will ask you to make a blog.It will tell you how to makeit, so follow those instructions.
2.After you will need to name your blog.You can name your blog something funny, something serious, something random you can name it anything.
3.Then you can make your first post.
When you make a webshow you need to be prepared to do regularly.
1.Find one {or more} friend{s}.
2.Find a place to use as a studio or filming set.Make sure it is easy to get to and move around in.
3.Make sure you have someone to film you.If you don't, put the camera on a mid-sized shelf.It has to be able to see you and your friend while filming.
4.Find something to do your webshow about.For example, cats, dogs, chocolate, racecars.Or it can be something different everytime.
5.Next you need to name your webshow.It needs to be something you both can agree on.
6.FILM IT!!!!!!!!
7.POST IT!!!!!!!

Now you know how to make a blog and a webshow.The most important rule of all, have fun making it.


Glee-Is about some characters named Finn,Rachel,Quinn,Puck,Kurt,Will Shuester,Sue Sylvester.There is also these characters named Santana,Brittany,and Artie.Now there might be some characters I am forgetting.Oh yeah!There is also Mercedes,Tina,Mike,Carl,Emma,Teri.Those are all the characters that I can remember.So, back to the point of this review, what this TV show is about.'Kay so Finn, Rachel, Quinn, Puck, Kurt, Santana, Brittany, Artie, Mercedes, Tina, and Mike are students in the glee club. Will Shuester (Mr.Shu) is glee club director. There glee club is called "New Directions". Others are called "Vocal Adrenaline". What they do is they compete in competitions where they have to do there best singing voice to the best song with the best dance moves to win. They start in sectionals then regionals and then finally nationals. If they win all of those they get three trophies.Three trophies. Three really big trophies. At least that is what i think. Sue hates everybody so do not bother her. She will kill you. Literally kill you.